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A mysterious homeless man breaks into the house and kills Dulce and Erik. Nearly dead, he asks why she did this; she then reveals she has been slowly poisoning him for some time as part of a murder plot, but has had to speed up the process because she has been "watching the news" and there "wasn't enough time". Quite a journey for someone who sought the Green Party nomination for president He is covered in bandages, but seemingly adored by the public who want to touch his skin.

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As she struggles to break free, the man injects her with motor oil, which causes her to scratch herself violently. Other deferrals include those for malaria and vCJD.

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Fibromyalgia You can donate! Desperate, she takes up a gig at what appears to be a photo shoot. Strapping the bag to himself, he rides the board out into the ocean where he proceeds to drown.

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