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Emma moaned around the bright red ball gag strapped into her mouth, working her tongue against it hard. Tyrone slammed the trunk shut, trapping Emma in darkness.

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She fumbled uselessly for a few seconds while Tyrone stripped off his clothes until he stood naked at the end of the bed. Tyrone got into the car, pulled off the balaclava, and drove. When Tyrone cut her panties off she screwed her eyes up tight, unable to face him seeing her in only a silky pink bra. Her muscles were already cramping painfully from being tied so stiffly; she realised he must have had a lot of practice to tie her so well, so fast.

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He reached a gloved hound down to the throat of Mrs Watson and felt a strong pulse. Emma screamed around the gag, arching her back above her cuffed hands, unintentionally forcing even more of Tyrone into her. As soon as he was finished cumming, he lifted Emma from his shaft and twisted her round. He smiled as her felt her clutching young pussy around his finger, and slipped another one inside her.

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