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Prime minister Shinzo Abe recently trumpeted long-overdue plans to increase female economic participation by improving conditions and daycare, but Tomita says things would have to improve "dramatically" to compel her to become a working wife and mother. With a vast army of older people and an ever-dwindling younger generation, Japan may become a "pioneer people" where individuals who never marry exist in significant numbers, he said. Well, who knew her dreams would come true in this totally fucked up way.

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Well, who knew her dreams would come true in this totally fucked up way. Emi Kuwahata, 23, and her friend, Eri Asada, 22, meet me in the shopping district of Shibuya. No strings attached and much pleasure shared!

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I love my independence. Aoyama, 52, is trying to cure what Japan's media calls sekkusu shinai shokogun, or "celibacy syndrome".

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Although there has long been a pragmatic separation of love and sex in Japan — a country mostly free of religious morals — sex fares no better. She just doesn't want a relationship and casual sex is not a good option, she says, because "girls can't have flings without being judged". Ironically, the salaryman system that produced such segregated marital roles — wives inside the home, husbands at work for 20 hours a day — also created an ideal environment for solo living.

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