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But, the feminist in me knew that my hens could probably fend for themselves just fine. Ritual fights usually take place outside the temple proper and follow an ancient and complex ritual as set out in the sacred lontar manuscripts. Looking to purchase a plucker for my drill.

It’s our 6th birthday!

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While her companions grew black and gold neck ruffs, she grew long, reddish orange feathers, and an iridescent emerald green tail that seemed to sprout upwards in a spray. In southern state of Tamil Nadu and western state of Gujarat , an event of the celebrations is rooster fighting also known as Seval Sandai or Kozhi kettu.

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I had hoped for a lot more egg production, but instead I was getting meat. My children participated by catching the roosters, cleaning and harvesting.

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Support Aeon Donate now My neighbour James brings us his rooster, carrying him across the street in his arms. Do you still seek to know? We raised our chickens in our yard; they were treated very well and fed daily.

Why Do Roosters Crow?

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You can begin a garden to supplement what you have stored with fresh vegetables. When it was time for them to go, we killed them quickly and humanely. Hens are all we wanted because they lay eggs. Not only do you save thousands of dollars in fuel and time, but you can hunt more than 6 months a year!

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