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It is also being made into a feature film due to be released next year. Robert Oppenheimer, all in Raleigh, North Carolina. Linnea Smith of La Clinica Yanamono located on the banks of the Amazon River 50 miles from Iquitos, shares her experiences in providing healthcare in the Amazon where Western medicine is usually unavailable. Her film credits include Mom in Sex and Violence, an award-winning independent film, and she has been seen and heard in several commercials on radio and television.

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Al has been a working actor for the past twenty years. The Blu-ray will add behind-the-scenes footage, exclusive interviews and a documentary about the Liverpool gig. Originally presented in as a segment on the television series Innovation. You can view his work at www.


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This intriguing program travels to Jakarta, Surabaya, and the jungles of Kalimantan to investigate the preparation and use of natural remedies to combat illnesses such as skin fungus, malaria and even AIDS. Mojo magazine included Little Steven in its monthly feature "All Back to My Place," in which artists pick favourite records in different categories. The Mystery of Chi.

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