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Jenny was sitting on the end of the blanked cross legged and patted her left thigh for me to lay down on my right side and put my head there. As you can see with these tits that is no problem. I laughed and said guess it will have to do, then the three girls showed up about 8 feet in front of me squatted, Jenny to the left facing me with her butt cheeks resting on her heels and her legs spread wide open, Lease in the middle facing away on her hands and knees with her legs spread wide looking over her left shoulder at me and Carey facing me with her butt cheeks resting on her heels and her legs wide open.

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Jenny looked at me and her face flushed just a little, well, I went to my high school graduation Prom with the top foot ball player in our school with the intention of loosing my virginity that night. I figured it was my parents, but seeing as how they were gone, I grabbed the tube and brought it back into my room.

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Just at the tip, my opening was already beginning to emit drops of pre-cum. Jenny said, Lease, look under that stone, I left a bag there last August.

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