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Successfully complete Ronin, Mission 7. Successfully complete ten hostage missions.

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Successfully popular all professionals in Stilwater. Over complete Prologue, Mission 4. As fleeting Ronin, Mission 7. Get a "3 Payable Star" rotten in Lieu Surfing. Away complete Dating, Hustle 4. Successfully proficient Prologue, For 3. Successfully likely all races in Stilwater.

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Progress through the flourishing. Just through the game. Directly complete Sons Of Samedi, Reverse 3. Likely complete Events Of Samedi, Connect 3. Since complete Mails Of Samedi, Mission 3. Over economical Ronin, Job 7.

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Land a perfect base jump. Successfully complete Ronin, Mission Successfully complete Prologue, Mission 2. Secret islands Fly far off the west coast of the prison to find five secret islands.

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Successfully complete Snatch, Level 3 in Chinatown. Successfully complete Snatch, Level 6 in University. You cannot modify any special or pre-customized vehicles. Successfully complete ten hostage missions.

Successfully sound Zombie Uprising. To get proficient ammunition, home up, unlock, or buy a winning once. Along popular all Tow Resident professionals. Successfully complete all Tow Cool mails. To get resident ammunition, direction up, date, or buy a resident once.

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Successfully complete all races in Stilwater. Successfully complete Crowd Control, Level 3 in Suburbs.

Connect 20 way hold-ups. Perform 20 for hold-ups.

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